Solgar L-Glutamine 500mg 50 Plant Capsules

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Glutamine is converted into the brain into glutamic acid, which is the main fuel for proper brain function. Helps in healing and maintaining the internal intestinal wall, so it can be used in cases of excessive permeability of the intestine and other intestinal disorders. Research has shown that it can reduce attractiveness / addiction to alcohol. It can be used for mental alertness, memory enhancement and general improvement of mental functions.

L-Glutamine also regulates the transport of nitrogen to and from the muscles, promoting the balance of amino acids in the body. Although L-glutamine, because it is intrinsically synthesized, is considered to be a non-essential amino acid, it becomes essential and necessary in times of intense physical exercise as well as in other cases of severe metabolic stress. Under these conditions, plasma levels of glutamine decrease and may need to replenish needs. Solgar's L-Glutamine delivers L-glutamine free form which promotes immediate absorption and digestion, in high tablet form.

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