Jotis Sanilac 2 Baby Mmilk from 6-12 months 400gr

  • 9.62€

Yotis Sanilac 2 Baby's milk from 6-12 months, 400gr

Sanilac 2 is second-aid milk that is given along with a progressively differentiated diet during the baby's weaning period (after the 5th month).

Sanilac 2, combined with solid foods, provides all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. that the infant needs in this demanding phase of its development.

Breastfeeding is superior. Sanilac 2 is not intended to replace breast milk. However, if breastfeeding is weak or inadequate or inappropriate, Sanilac 2 is suitable for the special feeding of infants from the 6th month of their life.

Before using it, consult your pediatrician and follow his instructions carefully.

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