Solutions for Sunburn

For "solar stimulus," mean the common burn, caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation, or lack of sun protection. "Sunburn" is a first or second degree burn, whose symptoms usually occur after 6-12 hours of exposure to the sun. Of course, the timeframe can increase or diminish accordingly the sensitivity of our skin. What are the symptoms? Sunburn can cause redness in the skin, vesicles, an excellent sensitivity to touch, exfoliation and dry skin. Once the stimulus has healed, are we risking something? Of course, do not forget the premature aging of the skin, loss of tone, loss of elasticity in the skin and skin spots, dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer (so-called melanomas).

What can you do

Ø Hydrate: reddish skin with specific and quality lotions, emulsions, creams. To get more relief, cool in the refrigerator. We recommend Johnson & Johnson's Biafin Emulsion 100ml. Before applying the cream, make a shower and gently dry the skin with a very soft cloth. Avoid rubbing the area causing more stimulus and scratching.

Ø Sunscreen: it is the most important equipment we always have to have with us when we go to the beach, the umbrella and the shade do not protect us from UV rays, but the sunscreen Yes .. !! We recommend La Roche Posay Antelios XL Lait Comfort SPF50 250ml for sensitive skins and Vichy Ideal Soleil Hydrating Milk Spf 50 300ml  for the whole family, you will also find a great variety for the face and body in our store.

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