Nuk New Classic Silicone Nylon Plastic 6-18m 250ml

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  • Brand: Nuk
  • Product Code: 17355
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It combines for the first time: the classic, narrow bottle shape and the large diameter bottle neck.
Easy-to-use bottle: save space when storing, suitable for all baby bottles
Features First ChoicePlus silicone nipple, Size 6-18 months, M (for baby milk)
Filling without leaks and ease of cleaning thanks to the large diameter spout
Made of durable, high quality polypropylene with a capacity of 250ml, it does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)
Narrow bottle shape
New Classic bottles are easy to use, provide consistent grip and save space when storing. An additional advantage is that they are suitable for all common bottle heaters.

Large diameter bottle spout
The large diameter bottle nozzle allows the use of the NUK First Choice + nipple, makes it extremely easy to fill without leaks and makes it easier to clean the bottle thoroughly.

NUK First Choice + nipple - the most natural nipple for your baby
NUK First Choice + nipple allows your baby to drink in a relaxed and natural way, simulating as much as possible the feeling of breastfeeding. The jaw, which is adapted to the jaw shape, features a flexible and extremely soft Softzone area, as well as an improved anti-Colic Air System colic air escape system. All of these features make it particularly dear to infants, as it is also suitable for babies combining breastfeeding with baby bottles.

The NUK New Classic bottles are made of high quality, durable polypropylene and are also suitable for freezing.

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