Maxyn Blefart Sterile Single Use Stripes 14 Pieces

  • 6.61€

Blefart is the only medical device available on the market without preservatives & parabens that combines:

Protection, hydration, accelerating the healing process and hygiene of the eyelids and the periocular area.
Ease of use and compliance of the patient.

Blefart ensures deep cleansing of the eyelids and eyelashes, dissolving and removing the secretions and tresses. It is immediately effective and safe for everyday use.

Blefart is the "ideal" choice for:

-Guest of blepharitis
- Patients with conjunctivitis of bacterial, viral or allergic etiology
-Guests complaining of symptoms such as: irritation, stiffness, feeling of dryness, burning, foreign body in the eyes etc
-Veople who are undergoing eye surgery
-Veters suffering from skin conditions such as rosacea or seborrhoeic dermatitis
Contact lens users
- Eyelid and periocular area cleaning / Removal of makeup

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