DulcoSoft Natural Feeling of Constipation Relief 10 Sachets

  • 5.82€

DulcoSoft is the only product with the active substance Macrogol 4000 powder for oral solution that comes to offer a natural sense of relief to the very common constipation problem. It has a neutral flavor for easy taking and can be instantly mixed with any hot or cold beverage of your choice, e.g. a glass of water, fruit juice or tea. It is not absorbed by the body, it has an excellent safety profile and is suitable for all population groups *, even for pregnant, lactating and diabetics. Natural sense of relief from constipation. Softens hard stools. It is suitable for the whole family from 8 years old, for pregnant and nursing women, for diabetics the solution does not contain sugar, for patients on a low sodium, gluten-free, neutral taste, medical device. Adults and children aged 8 years and over, unless otherwise recommended by the physician, the usual dose is: 1-2 sachets daily dissolved in a liquid, preferably taken as a single dose in the morning. Children under the age of 8 years should not use this product. Within the recommended dosage, the dose can be tailored to your particular needs. It can be from one sachet every other day to two sachets a day. The right dose is the lowest dose for regular soft stools.

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