Asepta Paraffin Gauze 12cm x 20cm 10 Pieces

  • 3.12€

  • Brand: Asepta
  • Product Code: 305189
  • Availability: In Stock
Pads Infused with paraffin gel. They are made of high-quality cotton gauze of thin knit and texture (to allow unhindered air circulation to the wound), without imperfections and scabs. They are impregnated with a viscous paraffin gel which is evenly distributed throughout the length and width of the pad. They do not cause allergies or irritations and do not stick to the wound.
It is indicated for the treatment of wounds, burns, abrasions and skin regeneration during the epitheliosis phase.
They are sterilized with "γ" radiation and packed in safe aluminum packaging. Inside the aluminum package, the pad is covered by two polyurethane sheets, which at the same time facilitate its easy use and application.

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