Vichy Neovadiol Substitutive Complex Set For Normal / Mixed Skins Neovadiol Substitutive Complex 50ml, Dercos Nutrients Vitamin A.C.E Shampoo 100ml & Pouch

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Vichy Promo Neovadiol Compensating Complex Normal Mix 50ml

Your skin can regain its youthful appearance. The density and elasticity of the skin resurfaces, the outline of the face is refolded, the relaxation decreases and the luster and homogeneity are restored. For women in menopause who want to cope with the effects of hormonal retardation on their skin: loss of density, volume, stiffness, freshness and luster.


After 14 years of research and 13 patents, Vichy's laboratories have been able to create the right ingredient composition to cope with the effects of menopause on the epidermis. They have created a powerful replenishment complex that mimics the action of the DHEA youth hormone and affects all the major skin markers of the epidermis. The skin is revitalized, gradually transformed. It recovers its density and elasticity, it is rebuilt, the relaxation is reduced and the face contour is remodeled. Glow and homogeneity are restored.


Pro-Xylane. The concentration of this L'Oréal's biomimetic molecule increased, reaching 3%, a concentration ten times higher than that in the previous compositions. It works on 3 skin-related parameters: Collagen I and III, which are sources of density and firmness, to the skin's thickness by increasing the glycosaminoglycan composition (GAG), while reducing brown spots as it acts on fibroblasts. The wrinkles are filled, while the skin becomes firmer, shiny and uniform. IMPROVE THE HEALTH: Hepes Known for its targeted exfoliating properties, it acts on proteases, the enzymes associated with the natural exfoliation process. By adjusting the exfoliation, it transforms the epidermis


Hydrovance Urea derivative and last generation hygroscopic molecule captures water in the skin (it absorbs 82% of its weight in water), while at the same time it promotes natural exfoliation as it stimulates the proteases. The skin hydrates and becomes smoother, making it firmer, comfortable and gentle.


Hédione A derivative of icymonic acid that increases the natural production of lipids (squalenes, triglycerides and waxes), which are present in the sebum and are reduced by hormonal changes. The skin gains more flexibility and comfort. Composition for delicate skin, hypoallergenic, enriched with Vichy's soothing, rejuvenating thermal water. Without paraben.

Dercos Nutrients Vitamin A.C.E Shine Shimmer:

Revitalizing shampoo that gives shine and toning to dull and dull hair.

Stress and fatigue disturb hair and scalp that lose their balance and shine. The hair becomes dull and uncomfortable.

Inspired by the world of supplements
nutrition, the new Dercos Nutrients Vitamin A.C.E range from Vichy is enriched with a powerful cocktail of antioxidant and multivitamin natural, active ingredients that offer toning and hydration.

The combination of tonic açaï berry and vigorous aloe vera, with a herbal cleansing base, offers the hair shine and softness.


More shiny hair that reflects the light
Hair up to 6 times brighter *
Offers toning, hydration and softness
Without silicone for natural feel
Base of vegetable cleansing
Tested on sensitive scalp

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