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Lightly fragranced softening oil, suitable for infants, children and adults. It is ideal for everyday care and massage of infantile skin. It contains emollient esters perfect care of dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, chamomile which protects the skin from irritation and rash while respecting the physiology of infant skin.


Daily hygiene, cleaning, care and protection of irritated and sensitive skin.


Product dermatologically tested.

Action - Active Ingredients:

Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant action

Soothing and soothing properties.

Forming a beneficial semi-gloss film on the skin, repairing a disordered skin barrier.

---------- FREZYDERM BABY SERIES ----------

It is aimed at infantile skin characterized by high permeability and maximum sensitivity.

The series includes pediatric dermocosmetics that respect baby's physiology, contain raw materials safe and effective and are dermatologically tested.

As the main components of the series we chose

the chamomile because it has excellent soothing and anti-irritant properties and

the wheat whose proteins are known for their softening and moisturizing action.

Daily Care

Infantile skin has significant differences from

that of adults:

The skin thickness of the baby is 5 times smaller than that of the adult

The infant has not fully developed the detoxification mechanisms

Sebum of infant skin is "poor" in free fatty acids and thus promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The toiletries infants and children of FREZYDERM BABY LINE respect the physiology of infant and children skin, containing raw materials safe and effective (pharmaceutical grade) and is dermatologically tested.

Products: Baby Cream 50 ml - 175 ml, Hydra Milk 200 ml, Baby Oil 200 ml, Liquid Talc 150 ml, Baby Cologne 150 ml


The baby's skin is easily irritated, very sensitive and at the same time exposed to many secretions (eg urine, etc.).

For the cleansing of infant skin preferred products are:

with neutral pH

with mild cleansing agents - no saponose and no alcohol.

Products: Baby Shampoo 200 ml, Baby Bath 200 ml, Baby Foam 150 ml

Special care

The sensitivity of infant skin and the incomplete development of the Y / L mantle lead to the need to create special care products for the specific requirements of infant and children's skin.

Products: Baby Pearl Cream 40 ml, Baby Gums Gel 25 ml, First Aid Butter Cream 50 ml, Chamomile Bath 200 ml, Baby ABCC 50 ml

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