Oral-B Professional Gum Care 3

Oral-B Professional Gum Care 3

The Oral B Professional Gum Care 3 electric toothbrush offers you superior and gentle cleaning.

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What it offers:

It removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush and at the same time protects your gums with the visible pressure sensor that warns you when you exert excessive pressure.
The round Sensi UltraThin head thanks to the ideal combination of soft and normal fibers removes dental plaque even from inaccessible areas without hurting the gums.
With 3 cleaning programs (Daily / Sensitive Teeth and Gums / Whitening) for brushing your teeth based on the needs of your oral hygiene.
It has a built-in 2 minute timer to brush your teeth for the right time.
The Oral-B app connects to the handle (Bluetooth) and gives you information while brushing your teeth.
What is included:
The package contains a handle with Bluetooth wireless technology, a round Sensi UltraThin head, a charger, a plastic travel case and a very small and thin Interspace head for effective cleaning in very difficult areas such as around braces, implants and other dental applications .

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